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Acoustics & Ceilings

McCann Acoustics & Construction has been setting the standards for acoustical ceiling panels since 1985. We offer a comprehensive and innovative selection of acoustical materials to help you design creative and functional spaces. We can help guide you to quality ceiling systems and install materials for:

  • acoustical ceiling panels
  • gypsum systems
  • ceiling systems
  • specialty ceiling systems
  • suspension systems
  • stainless steel ceiling systems
  • embossed, corrugated & reflective metal panels
  • luminous & wood ceiling systems
  • fabric wrapped acoustical panels
  • open cell ceilings
  • linear ceilings
  • coffer panels
  • baffles

There are several ways to choose the right products to meet your project requirements. McCann Acoustics & Construction will work side-by-side with your architect, building committee and/or engineers to develop a ceiling system based on product attributes, system performance and other design criteria. Whether you know the exact product you want or require support and assistance to get the technical information and specifications you need for your project, we are prepared to help you.

Good Ceiling Design

Good ceiling design integrates design, account function and appearance while meeting budget requirements. Selection of a ceiling that's right for a particular application requires the special expertise that McCann Acoustics and Construction brings to every project. Certain factors such as acoustics, lighting, environmental considerations, fire protection, pricing and lead times as well as sustainability are all taken into account.

System Selectors

McCann knows that selecting products can be challenging. We will help you identify and specify products based on visual and performance criteria including colors, texture, finishes, sound ratings, lighting, recycled content, humidity and installed costs.

Specialty Ceiling Systems

McCann Acoustics & Construction can help you find the most innovative selection of specialty and accent systems available in the industry today. Many systems have been developed for unique architectural settings and can transform ceiling areas into spectacular, expressive spaces.

For more information or a consultation with our ceiling experts, contact our sales department today.

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